Why Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Is Important In Denver

Winterizing your lawn
While the Denver area tends to enjoy relatively mild daytime temperatures in the winter, nights get cold. From November through March, we have consistently below-freezing overnight temperatures, making winterizing your sprinkler system a necessity. 

Why You Need Seasonal Lawn Sprinkler Turn Off Services

By October, overnight temps begin quickly falling, and winterizing your system before the first freeze is necessary to prevent damage. The process of winterizing your system is essentially to remove all water from the pipes and backflow. If water is left in the system over the winter, it could result in burst pipes and damaged backflow equipment. If damage is not caught before the spring growing season, you could end up with a flooded lawn the first time you turn the system on.

The Winterization Process

Many homeowners attempt to winterize their system themselves, but it’s not as easy a process as it sounds and the use of an air compressor adds the risk of damaging the system if not done properly. Keesen Lawn Sprinkler offers affordable winterization services, starting at just $84, to give homeowners peace of mind of a job done right with a warranty to back it up.

Keesen lawn sprinkler shut off services include:

  • Shutting off main water supply to sprinkler system.
  • Blow out the system. Using a high-pressure air compressor, we blow air through the system to remove any trace of water and dry it. Care must be taken not to damage the backflow, valves, rotors, and sprinkler heads by using the right pressure and technique.
  • Drain and check backflow preventer. For an additional charge, we can add an insulated freeze protection bag to your backflow equipment to further protect it from freezing.

Trust Your Sprinkler System To Keesen’s Winterization ‘No Freeze Warranty’ 

Keesen Lawn Sprinkler’s winterizations have a ‘no freeze warranty.’ If the system is winterized by us before freezing temperatures, we will repair any item on the system that breaks due to freezing for free.

Our schedule fills up fast this time of year! Call us now at (303) 934-9130 to schedule your lawn sprinkler winterization service, and protect your investment by properly shutting off your system for the year.