Using Landscape Lighting To Keep Your Family Safe

Keesen landscapingIf your family spends a lot of time outdoors in the evenings, having a well-lit property is important to your safety and that of your guests. While it may be tempting to just put a floodlight on the corner of your house, professional landscape lighting services can safely light your outdoor spaces while highlighting your property’s focal points and providing ambience for entertaining.

How Do You Use Your Property At Night?

Before committing to anything, think about what you use your property for after hours. Do you or a family member work late and arrive home after dark? Do you have friends over for cocktails on the deck, but never wander out into the yard? Do you have nighttime pool parties for rambunctious kids? Do you have a fire pit your family likes to gather around and stargaze? Do guests enter your backyard through your house or along a path from your driveway? Or do you just want the peace of mind that would-be burglars will likely bypass a home with a well-lit yard in favor of a dark corner to lurk in?

Each scenario requires a different type of outdoor lighting, and understanding how you use your property at night will help a landscape lighting services company design a custom lighting plan that is both beautiful and functional.

What Type Of Landscape Lighting Do You Need?

Once they’ve identified your purposes, the landscape lighting company will design a plan that incorporates all of the features of your property as well as any existing lighting, whether from your house, neighbors, or street lights.

They will suggest a variety of lighting options including:

  • Deck lighting on rails and steps
  • Pathway lighting
  • Spotlights to highlight architectural features like water fountains or statues
  • Ambient lighting under bushes and foliage
  • Dramatic lighting directed up into high tree canopies
  • Pool deck lighting

Incandescent, LED, Or Something Else?

Lighting technology has come a long way in recent years, and homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to light color and energy-efficiency. Incandescent bulbs cast warm, yellow tones; these are idea for pathways and ambient lighting. LED bulbs cast cool, blue tones; making them ideal for pools and water features. Lower wattage bulbs are dimmer, making them better for soft, romantic lighting. Higher wattage bulbs are naturally brighter. DMX controlled lighting gives you a wide range of colors and brightness to choose from, and you can change the lighting to suit your mood or match your outdoor event.

Let Keesen Lawn Sprinkler Light Up Your Yard

Landscape lighting provides a variety of functions, but most importantly it allows your family and guests to use your outdoor areas safely after dark. Whether you’re looking to create mood lighting for casual evening entertaining, or you want to light up your yard to keep kids safe and deter crime, contact Keesen Lawn Sprinkler at (303) 934-9130 for a free consultation on landscape lighting services.

Keesen Lawn Sprinkler has been providing landscape lighting services to homeowners throughout the Metro Denver, including Boulder, Castle Rock, Golden, Parker and the surrounding areas since 1947.