Sprinkler Service

At Keesen Lawn Sprinkler our goal is to keep your outdoor areas looking beautiful. Watering and irrigating your grass and plants is important to the health of your lawn and landscaping. Regular service on your system keeps it in top operating condition and will make the system last longer.

At Keesen Lawn Sprinkler we specialize in sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair. Our trained sprinkler professionals set up and test your lawn irrigation system to help keep your lawn healthy throughout the season. We offer competitive rates and free Sprinkler system evaluations. If you have brown spots in your yard let us explain how we can get rid of them and give you a estimate for the work. We can update you system to conserve water with the latest technology.


sprinkler installationAt Keesen Lawn Sprinkler we have a trained team of technicians that use the latest technology to install your irrigation system. This can help conserve water by using the most efficient irrigation techniques. A properly installed systems helps create a long lasting, healthy lawn despite all weather conditions.

At Keesen Lawn Sprinkler we can advise the best sprinkler system for your outdoors areas, and install the system with minimal disruption to your lawn. Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, provide the right services for your lawn. We pay attention to detail and offer complete and timely services at an affordable price. Our mission is to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Contact us today to set up an installation appointment or learn more.

Sprinkler repairRepair & Service

Lawn sprinkler systems require periodic maintenance and repairs to continue to operate efficiently. From minor repairs to troubleshooting and full systems upgrades, our team of professional technicians can help solve your irrigation problems.

Damaged sprinkler systems can result in damaged landscapes and loss of water. At Keesen Lawn Sprinkler making sure your irrigation system is in perfect condition is our priority. Our sprinkler repair is affordable and efficient so you can keep your outdoor areas looking great. Contact us today or fill out the form to request an appointment.

sprinkler maintenanceMaintenance Agreement

Did you know we have a Preferred Maintenance Program? It is a great way to get a discount on our turn on and off services, as well as a reduced rate on any additional services. The Preferred maintenance Agreement Program helps ensure that your lawn is watered properly and your sprinklers are in top condition. Regular maintenance helps prevent sprinkler failure, and detects problems early, so that repairs can be made before lawn or irrigation system damage occurs.

Agreement Terms


  • Spring start up and checks during the season
  • Winterization at reduced rates
  • Priority scheduling

Purchase by May 1st or before system is turned on for the season.

Packages are priced by the number of zones you have.

Click here to choose the plan that’s right for you. Most of your neighbors choose the Standard Plan.

Maintenance Agreement Packages

Basic Standard Premium
Spring Turn-On and Check Yes Yes Yes
System Check During Season One in July June & August
Discount on Additional Labor 10% 15% 20%
*Winterize System Yes Yes Yes

*Winterizations: Our winterizations have a no freeze warranty. If the system is winterized before freezing temperatures, we will repair any item on the system that breaks due to freezing for free.