Be a smart water consumer this summer

As we enter summer, it is a relief that dry and drought conditions have abated in many parts of Colorado. There’s no reason to deny water to your landscaping, but there is every reason to be a responsible and vigilant consumer.

We here at Keesen Lawn Sprinkler are unapologetically geeked out when we see an innovation designed to squeeze every drop—pun intended—from that precious resource supplied through our systems.

Consider Hunter Industries’ MP Rotator nozzles that use 30 percent less water than traditional sprinkler head designs. The MP Rotator delivers water at a slower application rate than most systems, reducing or eliminating runoff, and increasing the amount of water absorbed by the soil.

Using the MP Rotator doesn’t require going back to Square One with your system. It is available as a replacement for any conventional spray head or pop-up sprinkler.

A great advancement is a control system with wireless capabilities from Rachio.

This is much more than an attempt to jump on the wifi app bandwagon. Don’t you get irritated when you see a sprinkler system chugging away during a rainstorm? By using Rachio’s smart phone app, it is possible to change the watering schedule in real time, without being on the property.

Users also can create up to 16 zones within a landscape, customizing the time and type of irrigation. Perhaps most important, it is possible to monitor water use 24/7, so if there is a dramatic change that might indicate a problem, you will know instantly.

All of these advances have the same results: saved water and saved money.

Rest assured that you can have a lush lawn with beautiful flowers while also being a stellar water steward. Let us help. Complete this online form or simply give us a call at 303-934-9130.