Protect your investment with timely winterization

With our late-spring snow this year, it may seem way too early to talk about winterizing your irrigation system, but we could see the first snowfall of winter 2017-18 any day now. Persistent freezing temperatures won’t be far behind.

Winterizing your landscape irrigation system is one of the most important things you can do to keep your sprinkler equipment in peak operating order. When a sprinkler system is not winterized, water remains in the lines, causing cracks and breaks in the sprinkler heads and water lines. In some cases, it can damage your back flow device, which, with parts and labor, will cost you on average $400 to replace.


Our winterization process involves forcing air through pipes, valves and sprinkler heads to remove residual water. It’s the best way to protect your system from potential serious damage this winter.

This might seem like a simple process, but beware of the guy with an air compressor in his pick-up truck trolling the neighborhood for extra bucks. Winterizing the system incorrectly can cause as much damage as not doing it all. Additionally, where will this guy be in the spring if you do have problems?

You always know where Keesen Lawn Sprinkler will be. We’ve been here since 1947, and no one stays in business that long without doing things right. Our trained technicians know exactly how to put your system to bed in the winter, and the proper way to wake it up again in the spring.

We also stand by our work. Our winterizations have a no-freeze warranty. Schedule us before freezing temperatures arrive, and if for some reason your system is damaged because of ice in the equipment, we will make the repairs at no cost to you.

The price of having your landscape irrigation system winterized by a professional is minimal compared to the cost of repairing broken equipment in the spring. Protect your investment. Call us now at (302) 934-9130 to schedule your winterization.