During the Dog Days, Remember ‘Water, Rest, Water’ is Best

Sure we had more than 70 inches of snow last year, but right now, during the Dog Days of summer, it’s easy to wonder if the heat will ever end.

Until it does, we need to be consumers who are extra careful when irrigating our landscape.

Watering smart takes planning and the right equipment. Millions of gallons are wasted each year because of improper irrigation. Most of it occurs from runoff, which is easily prevented by adopting the “water, rest, water” method.

In August, Denver Water recommends running watering zones in your landscape at:

  • 14 minutes for fixed spray heads
  • 27 minutes for rotor heads
  • 34 minutes for high-efficiency rotary nozzles such as the Hunter MP rotator

As an example, if your system uses fixed spray heads, here is how “water, rest, water” works: water a zone for seven minutes, then discontinue while irrigating another zone, then return and water the final seven minutes.

Watering by zones, and taking a break in the middle, gives the ground time to soak it all in. No one wants to see precious water running down the streets of Denver unless it’s raining.

In a dry spell with temperatures in the 90s, we recommend extending watering times by 25 percent. With rainfall and afternoon highs in the 80s, stick with DW’s recommendations noted above.

Speaking of rainfall, Denver Water prohibits watering when it is raining. Call us about installing a rain sensor for your system. DW’s summertime schedule also calls for watering only three days each week, and never between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

There’s a lot to keep track of, but keep cool! Keesen is here to help you install, repair, and maintain the perfect system for your needs.