Adding insulated back flow covers protects irrigation systems

Fitrite insulated back flow covers provide proven protection.

Sometimes, the margin between a “nuisance” and a “disaster” is almost nil.

That last-second swerve while driving avoids a major accident.  A storm’s path shifts. An unexpected trip back to the house allows you to catch the pot that was left simmering on the stove.

It is the same with a landscape irrigation system. The protection you provide can keep your investment safe when disaster could be just a few degrees away.

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Keesen Lawn Sprinkler debuts promo produced by

Help spread the word about Keesen’s products, expertise, and customer service.

Recently, we debuted a video promotion on YouTube created by It gives an engaging and informative overview of Keesen’s products, services, and our long history in the Denver area.

The video is quite brief, and is ideal for our satisfied customers to share with family, friends, and colleagues.

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Protect your investment with timely winterization

With our late-spring snow this year, it may seem way too early to talk about winterizing your irrigation system, but we could see the first snowfall of winter 2017-18 any day now. Persistent freezing temperatures won’t be far behind.

Winterizing your landscape irrigation system is one of the most important things you can do to keep your sprinkler equipment in peak operating order. When a sprinkler system is not winterized, water remains in the lines, causing cracks and breaks in the sprinkler heads and water lines. In some cases, it can damage your back flow device, which, with parts and labor, will cost you on average $400 to replace.

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During the Dog Days, Remember ‘Water, Rest, Water’ is Best

Sure we had more than 70 inches of snow last year, but right now, during the Dog Days of summer, it’s easy to wonder if the heat will ever end.

Until it does, we need to be consumers who are extra careful when irrigating our landscape.

Watering smart takes planning and the right equipment. Millions of gallons are wasted each year because of improper irrigation. Most of it occurs from runoff, which is easily prevented by adopting the “water, rest, water” method.

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Enjoy your outdoor spaces, day and night, this summer

Real estate experts will tell you that investing in quality outdoor lighting, like attractive landscaping, improves your home’s curb appeal and resale value, and that is exactly right. But there is another compelling reason why adding outdoor lighting to your yard is a good idea.

It means you can enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces even more.

Yes, the bottom line is important, and you want your real estate investment to be profitable, but is that bottom line always the top priority? We here at Keesen Lawn Sprinkler believe that the most important aspect of your home is the pleasure, comfort, and security it provides your family and guests. Landscape lighting enhances all of those “tangible intangibles.”

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Be a smart water consumer this summer

As we enter summer, it is a relief that dry and drought conditions have abated in many parts of Colorado. There’s no reason to deny water to your landscaping, but there is every reason to be a responsible and vigilant consumer.

We here at Keesen Lawn Sprinkler are unapologetically geeked out when we see an innovation designed to squeeze every drop—pun intended—from that precious resource supplied through our systems.

Consider Hunter Industries’ MP Rotator nozzles that use 30 percent less water than traditional sprinkler head designs. The MP Rotator delivers water at a slower application rate than most systems, reducing or eliminating runoff, and increasing the amount of water absorbed by the soil. Continue reading

When It Comes to Spring Planting, Timing is Everything

There’s nothing like an April 29 snowstorm with temperatures in the 20s to make you long for spring, but that is exactly what Denver residents dealt with recently. It perfectly illustrated why Keesen recommends holding off spring planting until after Mothers’ Day.

Late-winter freezes can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system if you have already started watering. Waiting until after Mothers Day, and making an investment in winterization and spring start-up services from Keesen, affords you peace of mind.

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