Adding insulated back flow covers protects irrigation systems

Fitrite insulated back flow covers provide proven protection.

Sometimes, the margin between a “nuisance” and a “disaster” is almost nil.

That last-second swerve while driving avoids a major accident.  A storm’s path shifts. An unexpected trip back to the house allows you to catch the pot that was left simmering on the stove.

It is the same with a landscape irrigation system. The protection you provide can keep your investment safe when disaster could be just a few degrees away.

That is why when Keesen Lawn Sprinkler sees a product that gives our customers an edge, we are pleased to recommend it. Tepsin’s Fitrite II insulated back flow cover is an excellent example.

The snug design and exceptional materials can make the difference when the cold gets brutal this winter. Protecting your back flow device is key to keeping your entire system running.

The Fitrite retains much of its insulating value even when saturated in water or covered with snow. It has been on the market for about 15 years and has stood up to harsh winters on the Front Range, and in Wyoming. That’s a pretty impressive resume.

For full details on the product, call or come by Keesen Lawn Sprinkler. Also, don’t forget to have your irrigation system winterized as soon as possible. Winter won’t wait.

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